I’ll be 30 next year, and while the idea terrifies me, I feel like I’ve come a long way in these last few years specifically. I finally made the long desired jump into a career in tech, my personal life is fabulous, and things really can’t get much better.

Except that they totally can.

While this is far too late to be considered new year’s resolutions, I’ve made some goals for myself recently that I hope to accomplish rather quickly.

  1. Revamp my personal website
  2. Complete Wes Bos’ Node.js course

Why Hugo?

As you can see if you’re reading this, the first one is done! I decided to use a Hugo theme for a couple of reasons.

I’m not a designer.

Seriously, I can’t emphasize enough how much I can’t design things.

I don’t like reinventing the wheel

You read that right. If someone before me took the time to create a useful tool that will save me time and the embarrassment of having to design something? I’m going to use it.

Aren’t you already a programmer?

Yup, I sure am, but the first thing you learn in tech is that your knowledge needs to be fluid. There’s no magical framework that’s going to be right for every project. There isn’t some super package that will save your behind time and time again.

I started learning backend by learning Sails.js, which I’ve learned recently is essentially a framework that sits on top of Express, which sits on top of Node. Basically, all I’ve done is decide to learn what lies underneath what I know and discover some other things along the way, like what other ORMs are available for Express/Node? Sails uses Waterline so I’m fairly well-versed in that but there were a couple instances on a project where it really wasn’t the best fit.

My Process

This isn’t scientific or anything, but I purposely designed my goals to:

  • be able to be broken down into smaller goals
  • be definitive

I feel like this is self explanatory but with each goal, I broke them down into smaller, more descriptive chunks. For example, my Trello board for this website has a check list for every task I think I’ll need to do like the homepage, about page, write my first blog post, etc…

My goals needed to be definitive so that I can say they are either done or not done, which is key for me personally because I have a habit of starting things and not finishing them.

Also, there’s no timeline of these because deadlines make me sad-sweaty.